Antonia Aviva is an Irish Israeli artist based in Paris where she is currently working on her latest collection (TBA).

Aviva’s art explores the ideas, pressures and demands of female beauty intersected with an exploration of the female on female gaze, the result of patriarchal power. Aviva’s work heavily features the female form, creatures (both fictional and real) and sometimes men, although they are only ever the object of one of Aviva’s girls’ desire – Aviva’s work tends to be very colourful, punctuated with carelessly written truisms expressed by exaggerated humans brought to life by Aviva in an exaggerated way. Aviva is an artist obsessed with human psychology, human relationships (both with ones own self and others) and the reality of her own; often complicated, sexuality.

Aviva doesn’t attempt to say anything, even when the subjects of her paintings do – as an artist, Aviva’s work spills from an involuntary place in an attempt to document her own internal universe.

‘Before I die for Glamour’ takes place in a superficial realm of insect woman who chase romance, beauty, perfection, lust, and desire to conquer in a superficial world. – Aviva (discussing her most recent show)